It's Nice to Meet You

Hello I’m Sarah. I am a Professional Photographer here in the New Philadelphia, Dover area. I have been shooting behind a camera for over 13 years. I am a mother of 3 girls who, whether they like getting pictures or not, it is a must if you live with me. :)

My love for photography started when I was about 9 years old creating anything into art. Once I went to school it became even more interesting, as then I began to LIVE with a camera in my hands... then the passion for it set it.

As I continued my passion for photography with a goal to one day open my own studio which as of May 07 I was able to accomplish, thanks to much love and support.

In May 08 we opened our NEW studio at our new location off of 416 in New Phila, And I am super excited for the growth the Studio has had we are now adding Large addition to the studio that is projected to be finished Early 2013. I owe all of my families I have worked with not just as clients but now as friends, for letting me share in the awesome moments in your lives, I look forward to many more adventurous times with each and everyone, and hope I can share in the memories with many more, capturing not just your standard portraits, but the real moments, moments to never forget.

Speaking of “MOMENTS TO NEVER FORGET” that is what I as an artist strive to give to you. I am a PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER I am NOT a hobbiest just out of the blue thought I could take pictures. I have built my life around my artistic eye. And being my own worst critic and meeting and working with amazing people has what made me into the Artist I am today.

As a Studio and as an Artist I want your whole experience to be one to last a lifetime, I enjoy catching those memories that even you might not see. I am really big on capturing candid moments being able to always look back and smile and never forget that joy, love and laughter, those possible one time moments in life.

It is an honor for you to allow me in on those intimate moments in your lives from you Wedding, Anniversary, your Children, your Pregnancy and New One, whatever your case is. Thank you for allowing me to share the memories also.

Thanks Again,
Sarah Dursik